Mashhad Shopping Centers

Zist khavar

Address: Iran - Khorasan Razavi Mashhad - the doctor Shariati, St. koohsangi

The first modern commercial and entertainment complexes Mashhad, commercial buildings, and Mskvnyh "East environment" that basement and ground floor commercial and residential classes and Adaryh rest. Mashhad important to take into account the complex of shopping malls remembered it. Can you all kinds of luxurious materials, decoration, clothing, shoes and ... you've purchased. Of course, by entering into this mesmerizing collection engineered his bed and mirrored sheen. This shopping center is one of the largest residential and commercial complexes in Iran that's 700 commercial units and a capacity of 250 cars has his driveway.

Mashhad Ferdowsi Market

Address: Iran - Khorasan Razavi - Mashhad end of the Thirty Meter students, Mofateh corner of the square

In an area of 7000 meters there is a 4-storey commercial complex called "Ferdowsi market" that segregated and stratified for sex and certain product sold in each category.That is, class 1 for baby clothes and baby clothes, clothing for men and women on the ground floor, floor sweatshirts and scarves and floor +2 to +1 for exchange wedding accessories, watches, rhinestones, jewelry is allocated. After browsing and purchasing from the market, the existence of multiple Shaphay enough fatigue from a long shopping tons in the mites.

Proma Shopping Center

Address: Iran - Khorasan Razavi Mashhad - the veteran, veteran Blvd.

PROMA that looks very stylish and beautiful architecture it looks from afar like a glass cube. This glass cube with parts that in addition Brghrfh commercial business and leisure apparel, cosmetics, electronics, dishes, furniture, etc. was supplied, fast food, coffee shops, amusement parks, parking lots, halls bowling and billiards hall more as well. On the ground floor there is a large supermarket Can you breads, pastries, fruits, protein, dairy, fruit, etc. from him're prepared.